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robby_portrait_kleinMy Name is Robby Jansch and I’m working as an IT-Manager at permanent. Wirtschaftsförderung GmbH & Co. KG here in Düsseldorf.

I’m part of the IT world for more than 15 years now and worked in almost every area.

I’ve started administrating and supporting PCs, MACs and Linux-Systems in 1st- and 2nd-Leve, all from small buisness solutions (up to 5 PCs) until bigger networks with hundreds of PCs came along. During my education the Internet and all of the great pages, applications and tools you can create there, started to fascinate me. My favorite tools / languages / frameworks became PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript (jQuery) and CSS.

There are lots of native pages and CMS based websites like TYPO3, Silverstripe, Joomla or WordPress I was responsible for over the years. I’ve created Backend and Frontend Addons to fit the needs of my customers. To find a practical and cost-effective solution for my clients is always a mayor goal for me.

Besides the programming, I love to interact with my customers to get an idea what they are doing, what they need and what we can realize togehter. A wide range of customers all over the world and within a lot of branches made me comfortable to help you to optimize your workflows or find a suitable solution for your Problems.

During the past few Years I work most of the time with the Neos CMS and help the community to grow by organising meetups here in Düsseldorf.

This Website is only used for private purposes.


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