Typo3 Neos

Typo3 Neos

Since January 2016 I get the chance with  Permanent Wirtschaftsförderung to get a better look into Typo3 Neos and to launch a few Websites with it.

The first thing I saw about Neos was the Statement that it is all about content, have you seen a CMS which can truly say this?. But this time it really works and I’m impressed!

It doesn’t matter if it should be a onepager or a deep heavy multilanguage page. The Content makes it obvious how the website may be structured and look. You can create your elements right into the website and can be edited freely.

With our Permanent packages it is easy as possible to create new layouts. We can create them directly within the website and discuss it with the customer. Multiple workspaces (Live/editorial/development) are configurable by your needs.

Also Mulitsite- and Mulitlanguage Websites are no Problem for Neos.

Of Course there are a few problems to solve, which is quite normal for such a fresh CMS. But Fluid & Flow go me hooked up and everything is really easy.

Here you find some comments and topics from my contribution to the neos community:


For all the Questions you got all about Neos jus send me an EMail ed.hc1556057551snaj@1556057551ybbor1556057551