Shariff, Facebook und WordPress

Seit einigen Tagen ist bekannt dass das LG Düsseldorf den Web freigemacht hat für mögliche Abmahnungen für Facebook und Social-Media Buttons. Hier sind noch einmal einige Links zu diesem Thmea und der möglichen Lösung via Shariff, dem Tool von heise….

{:de}Tyo3 Neos{:}{:en}Typo3 Neos{:}

Typo3 Neos

Since January 2016 I get the chance with  Permanent Wirtschaftsförderung to get a better look into Typo3 Neos and to launch a few Websites with it. The first thing I saw about Neos was the Statement that it is all…

{:de}Retail Photography by Andreas Jung{:}{:en}Retail Photography by Andreas Jung{:}

Retail Photography by Andreas Jung

Today we launched the additional website of Andreas Jung . During our work for the searchengineoptimization for, we figured out that we need some special place for his portfolio around architecural, retail and art space photography. Easy, clean…

{:de}SEO für Andreas Jung{:}{:en}SEO for Andreas Jung{:}

SEO for Andreas Jung

There is an other page we need to optimize and get a better Google Page-Ranking. Andreas Jung – Photographer for Shops and Stores wants to be found with more detailed keywords within the different searchengines. What a great and exciting…

{:de}DaWanda-Shop ist eröffnet{:}{:en}a New Dawanda-Shop opened{:}

a New Dawanda-Shop opened

We integrated the new Dawanda Online Shop directly into the Webseite of Verflixt & Zugenäht . No datastruggling with 2 shops, just easy handling with all the benefits of a well established shop operator. The integration into wordpress was done…

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