homepage, webshop or some administration tool?

the Internet isn’t just a tool for reasearch for me, I programm Software for my customers, their products and services to get their business into the internet as well.

Besides PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript  there are a lot of Frameworks like  jQuery or Bootstrap  which belong to my tools I’m using .

I’ve been using quiet offen Blog or Content Management Systeme like Typo3, Silverstripe and WordPress. Now we have a solid base for your ideas to create something awesome.

A short list of some of my projects:

creation and support of an administration tool for a publisher – ZJ-Services
For the European office of  JinShinJyutsu in Bonn I create between  2002 und 2010 a webtool for the following parts:

  •     administration of practitioners and teachers
  •     programming a shop for their books and accessories
  •     customer control and handling
  •     creation of invoices, manually and automated for annual fees
  •     relaunch of jinshinjyutsu.de
  •     developing a process to exchange date with the office in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA


Consulting, Layout and development Dr. med. dent. Rolf Burbach – ZJ-Services


  • consulting for layout
  • creating the HTML Page based on our layout designs
  • SearchEngineOptimization (SEO)


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